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Multiple connections per unit

Just imagine every customer being able to select any of multiple audio streams to connect to their mobile device. Audiofli audio streamer is designed for mobile devices, making it a perfect solution for use anywhere around your office, restaurant, store or home.

Audiofli employs the latest  HTML5 websocket technology  which allows high quality , real-time,  audio streams to be sent to a mobile device browser, or mobile App , just connect  and stream. The integrated HTML5 webserver allows mobile advertising content to be displayed on the listeners device.

Audiofli is expanded by adding more Audiofli streamers to the network, seamless plug n play operation, connect multiple audio sources. OEM or  custom brand services are available.

LIVE AUDIO STREAMER Audiofli BENEFITS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TV Channels Live Audio Streamer Mobile Devices

Designed to be a low latency audio streaming solution for public venues, this powerful audio distribution server has the ability to route incoming audio streams to an unlimited number of mobile devices.

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“ Now you can hear the audio channel of choice right from your mobile device. “